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Don’t miss out on a beach holiday dedicated to relaxation and fun.

100% Free to choose

Simply feel free to save money!

In July and August, choose to arrive with maximum relaxation from Tuesday to Friday.

We love Camping

Book your next vacation in advance!

Forget the stress of having to find a pitch with shade and well situated.
Forget the replies that ask you to drive by.

Grandparents&Grandkids On Vacation

20% discount for grandparents, for an unforgettable holiday with grandchildren.

For grandparents on holiday with grandchildren up to 17 years of age, a special 20% discount in comfortable accommodation with kitchenette and air conditioning.

Single Parents Really on Holiday

Relaxing on holiday is easy with Gitav!

Resort on the Tuscan coastline with swimming-pool and entertainment.
Travelling with children as a single parents can be stressful, but with Gitav everyone will be on vacation!

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